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Music therapy is a versatile therapy that can be very impactful for individuals, but also in group settings. Group music therapy can provide positive social settings for learning new skills, creating community and meeting health and wellness goals. 

Thrive is currently in the process of planning various music therapy groups, and we are hoping to launch some of these groups as soon as possible. Listed below are the groups we are hoping to run, who they might be suitable for and a rough price guide per session so you can have an idea about what you can expect from our group sessions. If you are interested in joining any of the listed groups, please use the sign up form below to register your interest for your selected group. Please note that groups will only be able to run once we have enough registered members, in order to be able to cover costs. Once enough members are registered, you will be contacted with group details. 


Little Maestros Music Group
A weekly music group for parents and little ones up to 4 years old, with the aims of creating strong attachments between parents and children and developing skills through a fun and educational program. Prices will range from $15-20 per person per session depending on numbers. 
Minimum 10 children, maximum 20. 

Diverse Minds Music Group
A weekly music group for young people (up to 10 years old) with neurodiversities, with the goals of increasing social skills, creating a stronger bond between child and parent, learning musical skills and emotional regulation.  Parents/carers are required to attend with the child.
Prices will range from $20-25 per person per session (not inclusive of parents/carers),
depending on numbers. 
Minimum 10 participants, maximum 15 participants (non inclusive of parents/carers).

Lift Your Voice Choir
An inclusive choir that aims to create community and positive mental health through group singing. All are welcome!
Prices will range from $5-10 per person per session, depending on numbers.
Minimum 20 participants. 

Musical Memories Choir
A dementia/Alzheimer's support choir that aims to inspire reminiscence in participants by singing and discussing familiar songs, as well as providing positive bonding time between participants and family members/carers. We will also aim to decrease agitation and provide a safe space for participants to explore music again with the people they love. A family member or carer is required to attend with participants. 
Prices will range from $15-20 per person per session, depending on numbers (not inclusive of family members or carers). 
Minimum of 20 participants, maximum of 50 participants (not inclusive of family members or carers). 

Please note: the above information including pricing and group numbers is an approximate, and is not the finalised information for each group. Pricing and group number limits are subject to change, and you will be contacted with finalised information upon the commencement of the group. Registering your name for the group is not binding, and you are welcome to attend or not as you wish once the group has commenced. 



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