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Individual Music Therapy Sessions

Individual music therapy sessions are personally tailored sessions that allow individuals to work toward their health and wellbeing goals one-on-one with a Registered Music Therapist. These sessions can be covered by NDIS funding. To learn more, please see our Blog.

Music Therapy Workshops

Book a music therapy workshop for your school or workplace to promote self-expression, positive mental health and overall wellbeing in a fun and supportive environment. You may choose the focus and delivery of your session in collaboration with Thrive. 

Therapeutic Singing Lessons

Carolyn has a vast degree of experience as a vocal coach prior to becoming a music therapist. Therapeutic singing lessons are sessions in which you can increase your singing skills and confidence, while also addressing non-musical goals, including performance anxiety, mental health and more. 

For all bookings, please see our 'Bookings' page. 

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